Wild Woman Designs By Franzesca

Specializing in Terra-Cotta. Also making items in Canvas and Shade Cloth. Ask about it and you might be surprised in what I can make for you.

About Us

Hi my name is Franzesca, Wild Woman Designs come about by accident. I brought a motor bike and all of sudden people where calling me a Wild Woman and the Designs come about because I love to design things whether it is pots, drawing, clothing, gardening, weaving, felting or renovating. I just love putting pen to paper.

I grew up behind a pottery at Redbank in Queensland. This older man made large planter.       I was always intrigued by the throwing. I would go ask Mr Millener can I have some clay please, he would reply, no, piss off or here have some or that will cost you 20cents.              So at 28 I finally decided to go to Tafe, which started this great love affair with clay and the process of making something from the raw earth into something I could use.                     After this I set up Esk Pottery  in 1989. Which was very successful, but when I closed this part of my life, I moved to Charter Towers in 94'95. From there I would drive to Townsville to take my wares for sale in at the Flinders Mall. One of the hard things for me was after learning to throw. Was I had to then decorate them. And now after all these years I feel at ease with this process. And what I have learned to really appreciate is the process of doing and improving as I do each and every pot I throw and carve. I really hope you enjoy looking at my work, as much as I have enjoyed making it.

Cheers Franzesca