Wild Woman Designs By Franzesca

Specializing in Terra-Cotta. Also making items in Canvas and Shade Cloth. Ask about it and you might be surprised in what I can make for you.


Hi My name is Franzesca - 0409047649

I am happy to announce that my shop is now open!

Most days between 10am - 3 pm.

If you are coming a long distance to see my works, please feel free to call me, to arrange a suitable time.

Please have a look at what I have made in the past, as this shall give you some idea of what to expect when you come to my shop.

I have a wide selection of hand made terracotta pottery and also now making a wide of glazed works.

Prices range from $5 to $3000.

With pottery being made here, you also had the added advantage of placing an order, with something you might have in in mind.

Looking forward to meeting and talking with you.

Cheers Franzesca

Terra Cotta and GlazedWorks

My main aim is to make pottery people love, which is a talking point when people come to see your garden.

The main style I make is for planting into. I also make lanterns, which have tea lights, when this are alight, they can transform a room or out door area, creating patterns around, when the breeze blows the patterns dance.

I have been Making and Designing Pottery for 34 years now. What has happened in this time has been amazing. I've been mastering the art of glazing which has tested the brain cells. 

And the future holds so many new creations. I find when I'm in my zone (that's what I call it) really great work comes out and something other things that I learn from. like the lanterns that I started to make many years ago to the ones I make now. You can just see the evolution of process. What makes me so excited more that anything is when someone picks something up in their hands, I can tell straight away that they love it. 

And I am so excited about it all still after all this time, still exploring and enjoying what I do.

Canvas, PVC & Shade Cloth work also.

Canvas, PVC and Shade Cloth work is also product is also made here by myself. I have a range that I have designed. I can make tunnels to grow plants under, which are made from shade cloth or solar weave, with or with out doors, windows and roll up sides. I have a way of getting it to how you would like it. And if you need something added in. I can do this also.

I have been doing a lot of sewing with shade cloth of late too. From avocado and olive tree catches to truck covers and tunnels for garden beds too.

This is a head I had made a few years ago.                          He reminds me of a friend Chris. He lives in my garden outside my pottery studio.

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